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Homeowners with


Are you a homeowner with stucco? If so, follow these steps to make sure your home is safe.

Conduct a visual self-inspection. If you think there may be hidden water damage behind your home’s stucco walls, do a quick sweep of troubled areas to assess the damage or water stains. One of the most common stucco symptoms is black streaking in affected areas of the home, such as window corners or chimney areas.

Schedule a professional inspection with us – We can tell you whether or not your stucco needs professional help remediation. We may recommend simple stucco repairs

Request a consultation from a stucco remediation company – When a stucco inspection has confirmed your fears of extensive moisture damage behind your walls, it’s important to find and destroy the root cause of the problem. If your stucco issues are not repaired correctly, you put yourself at risk of dealing with more damage, higher expenses, and even health problems in the future. Find a stucco remediation company you can trust to do the job right.


At Giant Exteriors in Pottstown , PA-based team of stucco remediation contractors is committed to helping our clients avoid future costs and damages. We do this by providing superior services with siding replacements. We are the experts when it comes to home siding, and we can provide a replacement process to ensure that your home will be up to current standards with excellent moisture-control systems.

Most times we recommend stucco remediation that involves completely removing the stucco and then replacing it with siding. This method of stucco remediation is the ideal solution in most circumstances. Our stucco remediation experts have decades of experience in replacing faulty stucco siding and replacing it with siding.

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